We all know what a beautiful part of the world we live in and what a holiday destination the area is, but I’m still amazed at the quantity of visitors we get from abroad.  Both the Spar and Practical Car & Van Rental arms of the business have seen increasing numbers of European tourists, no doubt taking advantage of the current advantageous pound-euro exchange rate.  One intrepid couple from Germany have made use of our workshop facilities twice in the last 12 months, driving an old Citroen 2CV6 across Europe.  Despite its age, the car is actually in excellent condition, but they were slightly unfortunate to hit battery trouble last year and then needing a tyre replacing this year.  The tyre was a particular challenge as they are no longer available from our usual sources, but we managed to obtain one from a specialist classic tyre supplier to keep them on the road.

We were sorry to lose Karen from our shop team but wish her well in her new job.  However, as one door closes another one opens, and we are pleased to welcome a new colleague.  Joining us is Helen, who has not only previously worked at a Spar, but also brings a wealth of Post Office experience.  Added to this, many of you would have Julian’s daughter Amelia in the shop, who having finished her GCSEs, has been helping with holiday cover through the summer before she starts her A-level courses in September.

Julian’s rookie season in motor sport has continued with further events at Wiscombe Park and Manor Farm.  He currently stands third and fourth in class in the two championships that he competes in.  Speed hillclimb is an interesting sport, as participants compete as much against themselves as each other, always looking to improve their individual personal best times.  At the time of writing, he has gradually chiseled away at his own times, improving by around seven seconds per run from his initial to most recent competition at both venues.  This season ends in a busy September, with three dates at Wiscombe Park and two at Manor Farm.

We look forward to welcoming you at Musbury Garage very soon.